Within the pharmaceutical industry, cotton coil is ever-present. Carolina Absorbent Cotton meets the demand for pharmaceutical and vitamin packaging, providing the shock-absorbing cotton that sits atop countless pill bottles. These tufts of cotton coil ensure that pills of all shapes and sizes arrive to consumers without getting damaged.

The Capability—and Facility—to Customize

Carolina Absorbent Cotton maintains an FDA-approved facility, and their coils meet or exceed U.S. and European Pharmacopeia (USP and EP) standards. Their laboratory is equipped to perform all necessary USP and EP tests, and all products are lot-controlled and coded for full traceability. Dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, their sales staff and technical service team are available to assist with any product and processing question.

Cotton That Pharmaceutical Companies Count On

The company has been supplying coil for pharmaceutical and vitamin packaging since the mid-1940s, and today ships their coil to top pharmaceutical companies throughout the world. By maintaining complete product control throughout the manufacturing process, Carolina Absorbent Cotton ensures reliability and consistency in every cotton product they create.