High-Quality Carpet Cushion

Have you ever wondered what makes carpet so comfortable? It's probably the products made by Dalton Foam, a division of NCFI Polyurethanes that also falls under the Barnhardt Manufacturing umbrella. Located in the center of the carpet-manufacturing world of Dalton, GA, this company is recognized as an industry leader for the manufacturing of rebond carpet cushion.

A Commitment to the Environment

Acquired by Barnhardt Manufacturing in 1981, the Dalton Foam name is synonymous with the best rebond carpet cushion in the industry. Aside from delivering specialty foam of the highest quality, the company also ensures that all of its products are friendly for the environment and healthy for consumers. Of course, superior comfort is their top priority. And for over 30 years, customers—whether they know it or not—have stood, walked, and relied upon Dalton Foam.