The spa and salon industry is reliant on bleached cotton for many of the products that bring the highest level of professionalism and luxury to the customer experience. The Intrinsics brand ensures that spa owners and estheticians have the most superior single-use spa, salon and nail supplies available on the market today. By using the finest materials, Intrinsics allows these spa and salon professionals to do what they do best: pamper their clients.

The Best Source for Single-Use Supplies

Whether it's household standards such as cotton balls or swabs, or more spa and salon-specific sundries like cleansing wipes or toe rope, our bleached cotton is employed throughout the entire Intrinsics line. Cotton's inherent absorbency, strength, and safety make it ideal for products used in skin care, nail care, hair care, and waxing treatments. Along with bleached cotton, Intrinsics has also focused on incorporating materials such as paper, polyester, latex, and cellulose sponge to create the most comprehensive product line-up possible.

30 Years of Beauty Industry Experience

Starting in the 1980s as Carolina Beauti-Products, the company's first major contribution was providing cotton coil to spas and salons, which is now an industry staple. As the spa and salon market expanded over the next two decades, the company rebranded as Intrinsics in 1999, vowing to fill the need for these classic sundries, as well as the demand for inventive new products. Today, as the Intrinsics line continues to grow and evolve, behind each new offering remains a commitment to enhancing the spa and salon customer experience.