Fiber Reclamation Experts

Established in 1989, Kinston Fibers has slowly expanded to become one of the premier fiber reclamation companies in the country. With over two decades of fiber reclamation experience, Kinston Fibers is an ideal partner for raw mote purchasing and reginned mote sales. We are a long-time member of the Southern Southeastern Cotton Ginners Association. In 2016, Kinston joined the Southern Cotton Ginners Association and the Texas Cotton Ginners Association.

Housed in a converted textile facility in Kinston, NC, the company recently upgraded its fiber reclamation capacity and equipment in 2011. We now have a 110,000 square feet of processing and warehousing facilities as well as an additional 200,000 square feet of warehouse facilities.

Vertical Integration

Kinston Fibers purchases cotton gin motes, soft textile mill waste, and sample loose and staple cotton. Not a traditional broker, the division's goal is to reclaim these by-products for use in Barnhardt's purified cotton products. As seasoned manufacturers, we're able to convert by-products like gin mote fiber into valuable material for nonwoven products, which is why Kinston Fibers is always looking for new stock materials and partners to work with.

A Sustainable Side Benefit

Textile manufacturing leads to textile waste fibers. Reclaiming of these fibers not only leads to perfectly useful consumer goods, but also repurposes a renewable resource while lightening our landfill load. Kinston Fibers is just another example of how Barnhardt Manufacturing is committed to sustainability.