Barnhardt Manufacturing Company operates two divisions: Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group and NCFI Polyurethanes. Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group is the leading producer of purified cotton fiber for pharmaceutical, personal hygiene, baby care and wipes. From being used as a surface wipe to clean a counter, to being utilized within a Class I Medical device, cotton is a fiber firmly rooted in our daily lives. Barnhardt Purified Cotton® possesses a track record of success in customizing solutions to meet customers’ needs, and the company is poised to help develop tomorrow’s cotton-centric products, too.

A Time-Tested TCF Process

To understand Barnhardt Purified Cotton, you have to start with the process. All of the company’s cotton is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF). The method of bleaching used is known as “oxygen bleaching,” which means hydrogen peroxide is used to purify and whiten our raw cotton. The beauty of the TCF process is that it’s safe for the environment because it doesn’t release harmful toxins. Also, the bleaching agent simply breaks down to oxygen and water, which eliminates chlorine in wastewater discharge.

Purified Cotton, Made to Order

While the bleaching process creates TCF cotton, it also provides an opportunity to create cotton based on precise customer specifications. While still wet and in process, it’s possible to change fundamental fiber properties, such as pH, biodegradability, softness, surface friction, and absorbency. Why change fiber properties? One way to explain customization is to consider the differences between a household cleaning wipe and a baby diaper. The former must be abrasive to work, while the latter must be as soft as possible.

An Expanding Line-Up of Products

While Barnhardt Purified Cotton is a company that prides itself on creating customized solutions for customers, it also has a growing stable of innovative products used in critical applications. From High Q® to HiLoft™ to HyDri™, their innovative line-up is prevalent in baby care, adult incontinence, and feminine care consumer products. This short list only touches on their product list, and the applications those products support.

Over 80 Years Of Innovation

The company’s first bleachery was built in 1929. That’s why from the field to the consumer’s hand, no one understands cotton the way Barnhardt Purified Cotton does. By continuously believing in the fiber’s potential they’ve become cotton pioneers, and developed domestic and global partnerships. This comes from standing behind a motto that states: “We don’t provide you with approximate cotton fiber solutions. We provide you with exact cotton fiber solutions.”

Kinston Fibers: A Partner in Reclamation

The company also has a unique, small business line called Kinston Fibers. The line was founded in 1989, when a textile plant in Kinston, NC was converted into a fiber reclamation facility. From there, Kinston Fibers purchases cotton manufacturing by-products like gin motes, mill waste, and sample cotton. All products purchased are cleaned, purified, and sold through the U.S. market. They’re not a traditional broker; in fact, Barnhardt Purified Cotton’s bleachery consumes most of the products.