The fact that Richmond Dental and Medical is synonymous with high-quality disposable products and dispensers should come as no surprise; the company has been manufacturing single-use cotton supplies for dentists since 1895. From purification to the final product, the company exerts complete control over the manufacturing process to ensure customers receive superior cotton for dental applications.

Dental Professionals Turn to Richmond

Richmond Dental and Medical's initial products were simple staples such as cotton pellets and cotton balls. Today their catalog has expanded to include specialty items like braided cotton rolls, sponges, pound rolls, and header rolls. While their entire line features cotton that provides the perfect level of absorbency and comfort, the company also offers products such as face masks, dispensers, and solutions trays, which help dentists maintain a safe and sterile environment.

A Perfect Manufacturing Match

Dr. Albert Richmond formed Richmond Dental Cotton Company in 1895. After exhibiting expertise in medical applications over the first half of the 20th century, Barnhardt and Richmond Dental merged in 1947. Today, over 60 years later, we're proud to continue Dr. Richmond's proud tradition of delivering topnotch products and customer service to such a critical segment of the healthcare industry. The company is also proud to supply medical, veterinary, and industrial accounts as well as educational institutions with first-rate single-use products. Always striving to improve product performance, Richmond Dental and Medical is committed to enhancing the treatment experience for dentists and their patients.