Who We Are

At Barnhardt Manufacturing Company we are committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing and working hard to achieve outstanding results. Throughout Barnhardt Manufacturing Company we offer various career opportunities and professional development.

Our Benefits

Health Plans

We offer comprehensive and competitive medical, dental, and vision benefits. You are eligible for these benefit on your 30th day of consecutive full- time employment.

Paid Time Off

Barnhardt provides a variety of paid time-off programs for full-time associates who have completed ninety (90) days of probationary employment.

Paid Holidays

All locations observe 10 paid holidays per year.


Barnhardt Manufacturing Company (BMC) is committed to your financial success and provides the 401(k) plan to help save for your future retirement. Currently, BMC matches the first 3% of your contributions at 100% and 50% for the next 2% of contributions. Additionally, BMC makes an annual safe harbor discretionary contribution depending on company performance.

Education Reimbursement

Barnhardt Manufacturing Companies reimburses up to $5,000.00 per calendar year for expenses incurred in taking work-related courses taken at an accredited educational institution.

Come and Meet Us

Welcome to the Barnhardt Manufacturing Company. We invite you to join one of the oldest privately held manufacturing companies in the United States. We have opportunities to learn and grow across our organization and want you to be a part of our story as we work to provide for our associates, our customers, and our communities; by working safely to provide innovative, best-in-class quality products. We thank you for your time and interest in our company.

Thomas L Barnhardt

Chairman and CEO

I have been with Barnhardt for 7 months, and in that time, I have become immersed in the world of purified cotton. Every day provides the opportunity to make a difference in Safety, Quality, and Production. The production and maintenance team has welcomed me on board with open arms, and their expertise has been paramount in the projects I am currently working on. As an Engineer, Barnhardt allows me to be hands-on, think critically and outside the box, and has been a very rewarding job.

Cory Schweitzer

Working at Barnhardt has given me the ability to grow and develop in a variety of areas and focus on putting my best work out there. There are lots of opportunities for people to positively impact the community here at work, and I've been able to work with so many awesome people!

Kat Tchinnis

I have had the opportunity to work with Barnhardt Manufacturing Company for 49 years and 8 months. I have seen a lot of changes, made a lot of friends and had a lot of good supervisors. Like any job a person can experience good and bad situations, but here at Barnhardt the good prevails the bad. Overall, Barnhardt Manufacturing Company is a great place to work

Evelyn Brown

I’ve worked for Barnhardt Manufacturing Company for over 20+ years. I enjoy coming to work here at Barnhardt. The owners and managers are great! They try to get to know you and they are very friendly. Safety is a top priority here at Barnhardt and they constantly remind you to put safety first. If you have a safety issue, their doors are always open to listen and address any problems. Barnhardt is a workplace that values and seeks your input and suggestions.

Christa Diggs

Barnhardt Manufacturing Company is a great place to work because they care about their employees, visitors & contractors. They give specific safety training to each person so they can work safer. The company gives opportunities to move up & grow to be a better employee throughout each department.

Samuel Aguilera

From the first day my co-workers have been supportive of me in my new role. We work together to accomplish our team goals. The work environment feels like family! I feel fortunate to be part of the NCFI - Barnhardt Manufacturing Co. family

Rhonda Harris

NCFI is a great place to work with great people that welcome a team environment. Also, provides stability and opportunity to grow and develop. If this is something that appeals to you it would be a great choice.

Winston Reynolds

I love my job because I feel valued and cared for as a person. My teammates and I have a goal of doing quality work. At NCFI, each of us are given the opportunity of advancement.

Mary O’Quinn

I have enjoyed working for NCFI for 35 years. Mike Watson and Winston Reynolds are two great managers I have ever worked for. Winston has taught me a tremendous amount in the short period of time he’s been here. I have enjoyed working with a lot of the associates over the years. I want to thank NCFI for all they have done for my family and me.

John Palmer