NCFI stands at the forefront of spray foam technology, providing customized solutions for a variety of applications. The company holds expertise in spray polyurethane foam, flexible polyurethane foam, and custom formulated products. Like all of our affiliates, the company delivers unrivaled customer service from the start of a project to its completion. Beyond its industry-leading product line, NCFI also sells and services application equipment for its chemical systems.

Top Quality, No Matter the Application

NCFI provides roofing and insulation spray foam solutions for residential or commercial projects. However, the company's expertise isn't limited to making homes and businesses more comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe; they also have the skills to handle custom formulated products and geotechnical projects, as well as deep experience with flexible foams used in consumer products such as furniture, bedding, and carpet padding.

The Most Trusted Names in Foam

Within their respective applications, Insulstar®, Enduratech™, and Terrathane™ are names synonymous with high quality. NCFI's versatile products are used for insulation, flotation, packaging, various types of moldings, a myriad of specialty applications, and even as insulation for fuel tanks in the U.S. space program. While polyurethane foam's versatility allows for endless options, it's NCFI's deep experience that provides tailor-made products.

Explosive Growth Over 60 Years

In 1964, research chemist Dr. H. W. Bradley, along with Barnhardt Manufacturing Company, formed NCFI. The company quickly became a leader in the manufacturing of flexible polyurethane foam for the bedding and furniture industries. Two years after forming, the company moved into its present-day 46,000 square-foot plant in Mount Airy, NC. Over time the facility has expanded eight times (and currently sits at 375,000 square feet), and the company has added manufacturing plants in Dalton, GA, and Houston, TX.